Seph Barretto


An interview between you and me:

You: So what is your name?

Me: My given name is Joseph Mel Dela Llarte Barretto. But lets keep it simple. Its Seph Barretto.

You: How long have you been a photographer?

Me: Professionally, about 1 year. But I started about 4 years ago.

You: How did you get it into this business?

Me: I was lucky enough to own a digital point and shoot and it all started there. As the years passed, my interest in photography grew. And one day, I woke up, and I knew that this is what I had to do. I am very passionate about my work. So, I consider myself as one of the lucky ones to be able to turn passion into a career.

You: Care to tell us about your background in photography?

Me: I studied in De La Salle - College of St Benilde for photography to further hone my skills. But before that, I was fortunate enough to be under the guidance and tutelage of two very amazing photographers. Basil Carating, who specializes in portraits, and Ricky Ladia, who specializes in food photography.

You: Who are your influences?

Me: I am all about the classics. Richard Avedon being my number one influence. His work just completely changed the way I looked at portraits. Up to now, my reference materials come from his work. Another photographer that I look up to is Ansel Adams. Google his name and be prepared for awesomeness. But also, there are younger photographers that I look up to. I've been following the work of Marc Nicdao. Cutting edge stuff. I definitely draw inspiration from his images. Another one would be Patrick Hoelck.. He is the master of portraits of this generation.

You: What do you specialize in?

Me: I am most comfortable working with food. But black and white portraits, I would say is my favorite. I tend to see the photo in black in white already in my head before I even take the shot. But what I love doing now is working with sets. Lighting sets is just magical for me. I love recreating scenes. You will see more of this in my future collaborations.

You: Anything else that you might want to share?

Me: Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often =)